a list of infuriating things that will light your short fuse

We all have pet peeves, but some of us have such a low threshold of annoyance that it’s a miracle we get through the day without repeatedly banging our heads against a wall.

Here are some of things that drive us flipping crazy.

  1. A missed call with no voicemail. I’m just going to assume you didn’t actually want me to call you back…

2. Drivers who don’t use blinkers. You’re asking to get hit.

3. Knuckle/fingers/neck/anything-crackers. SLFKLSKFSDL.

4. People who mumble. Excuse me, what was that?

5. Unreasonably loud coworkers. Clearly no one taught you about inside voices.

6. When the office is incredibly warm. Ain’t nobody got time to be sweating through their clothes.

7. When the office is freezing cold. Seriously, is it too much to ask for normal temps in here?

8. The chatty kathy. Girl, shut uppppp.

9. Smokers. I don’t want lung cancer thank you very much.

10. Gum poppers. The fact that I do this myself is beside the point…

11. Getting make-up on your shirt. WTF.

12. Spilling your coffee. What a crappy start to the day.

13. Playing phone tag. If we’ve each tried to call each other 3 times with no luck we should just give up.

14. Debbie downers. I assure you I already know the worst case scenario, but thanks for the reminder.

15. Rain when you have plans. Mother-nature is a wicked woman.

16. Sun when you’re stuck inside. Calling out sick is a thing, right?

17. When someone put the empty box back on the shelf. CRUEL.

18. Waiting for a text. Asking me a question and then ignoring is a great way to make me not give AF.

19. Delayed airline flights. Isn’t this supposed to be faster than driving?

20. Packing for anything. Because I’m obviously going to need the one thing I didn’t bring…

21. Long waits at restaurants. If I wanted to eat in 10 hours I’d have come for brunch tomorrow instead of dinner tonight.

22. The couple who needs to get a room. Good for you, but I don’t wanna watch.

23. Stubbing your toe. Actually the end of the world as you know it.

24. When your crew can’t decide on plans. ANYTHING. PICK ANYTHING.

25. Those who walk on the wrong side of the street. Really?

26. Slow checkout lines at the grocery store. Yes, I wanted to be here for 2 hours.

And the biggest annoyance of all:

27. Any kind of traffic. Please just kill me now.

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