forty-three signs music is the language of your soul

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

  1. Music is like coffee – your day doesn’t begin until the radio plays on the drive to work.
  2. You can’t possibly pick a favorite song because you have hundreds.
  3. Spotify was the best invention on the planet.
  4. You have go-to songs for every mood and every occasion.
  5. Your twitter feed is all song lyrics.
  6. You go on playlist kicks where you listen to the same songs for weeks.
  7. But every few months you shuffle your entire music library.
  8. Music inspires you.
  9. You’ll drive however many hours necessary to catch your favorite band in concert.
  10. Or spend an entire paycheck on VIP passes or front row seats.
  11. Your headphones are your most prized possession.
  12. You’ve had to repurchase CDs because you listen so many times that you’ve worn through them.
  13. Music is the only thing that can cure a shitty day.
  14. You backup your computer/phone obsessively to make sure you don’t lose any music.
  15. You remember the first concert you ever attended, and the first album you ever bought.
  16. Your iTunes crashes daily because you have so many damn files.
  17. You know what album would be the soundtrack of your life.
  18. The answer to “OMG have you heard _______” is always yes.
  19. Your go-to gifts for people are music-related.
  20. And your favorite gifts from people are music-related.
  21. Roadtrips are just an excuse to listen for hours.
  22. You know every word to more songs than you can possibly count.
  23. The shower is your personal karaoke stage.
  24. So is the car.
  25. You have or have considered getting lyrics tattooed onto your body.
  26. When a friend is going through something, you make them a playlist.
  27. You do your best thinking when you have music in the background.
  28. The perfect chorus hits you right in the feels.
  29. An epic bridge gives you chills.
  30. If someone says they don’t like music you stare in bewilderment.
  31. If a guy says he doesn’t like music on a first date you don’t bother seeing him again.
  32. You post something music related on facebook at least once a week.
  33. You can’t pass someone else’s music post on facebook without liking it.
  34. Going an entire day without listening to something is a cruel and unusual punishment.
  35. Music has gotten you through some of the toughest times in your life.
  36. You already know what songs you want to dance to at your wedding.
  37. Anyone who listens to what you like is an instant friend.
  38. Anyone who disses what you like is an instant enemy.
  39. You’ve burst into song in public before because you got so caught up in the moment and forgot where you were.
  40. You’ve been known to cry when you hear something incredible.
  41. The best part of every movie is the soundtrack.
  42. You actually pay attention to the songs playing in the background of your favorite TV show.
  43. You would be completely lost without music.

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