fifteen things only the girl who gives zero fucks can get away with

We all have days when we feel like we have the right to be nasty… I mean, blunt. But for some of us, our bitchiness can only be attributed to one thing: we don’t give a flying fuck.

Sending the “Aw man, I already made plans!” text on Friday night, but you’re actually on your couch in pajamas.

Responding, “Yes” when she asks if that dress makes her look fat. Better she find out from her friend than a bitch at the bar.

Turning the speakers up as high as they go so the entire world can jam to your awesome taste in tunes.

Leaving the empty toilet paper roll on the holder. Your roommate did it to you last time, and all’s fair in love and war…

Going to a restaurant by yourself and finishing an entire bottle of wine #yolo

Online shopping on the clock = much more productive use of time than answering those e-mails.

Explaining to your boss, “No, that was actually (insert coworker’s name).” It’s not my job to make up for other people’s mistakes.

Finally getting to say, “I told you so” in any context, #sorrynotsorry.

Excusing yourself to “go to the bathroom” on an awful date and never coming back.

Saying, “Oh please, he’s just using you” instead of feigning support for her new bae…you tried to warn her!

Wearing yoga pants for an entire week because sometimes comfort > class.

Accepting free drinks from that guy at the bar but then refusing to give him your number.

Telling someone they’re wrong when they are convinced they’re right.

People watching at the mall so you can silently judge everyone who walks by.

Being the only one who will point out “no one cares!!” to the office chatty Kathy.

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