if he’s truly falling for you he won’t be able to hide these things

There may not be bell that goes off when he crosses from “like” to “love”, but if you’re paying attention, it’s hard to miss.

When a relationship is new, you can’t get enough of each other. But eventually the honeymoon stage ends and routine sets in. He shouldn’t take you out because that’s just what you do every Saturday.

He should be making plans because being around you makes his entire day better.

You can learn a lot from the way he does or doesn’t talk about the future. You don’t want to start planning a wedding 3 weeks after you meet, but if he’s talking about upcoming milestones, it means he’s confident in your relationship.

There are two types of guys when you’re feeling less than your best. One will send funny memes, “feel better” texts, and stay as far away as possible. The other will bring you soup and cuddle you close, even if you’re contagious.

Too many people think flirting is reserved for the beginning of a relationship, but that’s bullshit. You should always be trying to learn more about your partner. If you’re still going on dates, exploring together and challenging each other, chances are he’s falling.

He doesn’t have to pull out every door and pick up every tab for the rest of time, but if he’s clearly stopped trying altogether, he’s probably stuck in the like phase, and just keeping you around for convenience.

Pay attention to whether or not he can keep his hands off you. Not in the bedroom, but out in the open. If he can’t walk beside you without taking your hand, or leave without kissing your forehead goodbye, he doesn’t want to lose you.

When guys invite you to join in their social circle, it means they trust you. You shouldn’t expect to follow him everywhere he goes, but pay attention to how often you get included. If he’s refusing to open his life up to you, he probably isn’t serious.

It’s one thing to be told how good you look when you spend hours getting ready. It’s another thing entirely when you’re cross legged on the couch in yoga pants and no make up, and he calls you beautiful.

Compliments aren’t supposed to be scheduled, and it’s usually pretty easy to tell when a guy is being genuine. If he can’t stop staring into your eyes when he does is, that’s the real deal.

It sounds cliche, but you can tell if it’s love by the way he kisses. Nervous tingles turn to electricity once the tables have turned. Don’t confuse physical chemistry with love – you can have amazing sex and just be friends. But there’s an intimacy that comes with a deeper relationship that is usually pretty hard to fake.

There are some guys out there who will say whatever they think you want to hear, but assuming you’ve found a good one, take him at his word. If he never says how he feels except, “me too” when you say you like him, you’re settling.

But if he takes your hand and tells you how much you mean to him, chances are he’s itching to say those three little words.

If you’re feeling it too, be patient. When he gets up the courage, it will be more than worth the wait.

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