remember this if he called you “crazy” for wanting the little things

If we had a dime for every time our exes told us we were overreacting, being dramatic or being needy, we would be friggin rich. But looking back on our screwed up relationships, the truth is that nothing we asked for was ever too much.

I get that no one wants to be sitting in a movie theater with a couple reenacting a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey in the seat next to them, but there’s a time and a place for PDA. Hand holding, sweet kisses or a little footsie are perfectly acceptable, no matter how much he complains.

We’re not asking for professions of love to be screamed from the rooftops, just a little sign that he does in fact want us around.

I’m a firm believer that it’s not the thought that counts. Instead, what actually matters is how it comes across. Who cares if he “wasn’t trying to raise his voice”…he failed and tone is everything.

It’s not out of the ordinary to get upset when he makes you feel like an idiot for opening your mouth.

It’s flattering when your boyfriend wants to be around you every single second, but don’t mistake that for love. We all need a life outside of our relationships. Freedom to have other friends, other hobbies and other plans doesn’t make you sketchy.

Someone who wants to monopolize all your time isn’t healthy – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Some of us have a lower threshold for crying than most people, but calling us dramatic everytime we get upset isn’t necessary or helpful. We need reassurance, or a comforting hug, but instead we get brushed off like the plague.

If being emotional makes some less attracted to you, remember that a real man will find beauty in a sensitive soul.

I’m sorry, but being offended when he cat calls other girls in front of you does not make you insecure!! It’s not jealousy that bubbles up in our veins when they talk about how hot that other girl is, it’s flat out rage.

Who the hell does he think he is that he can size us up to every other person he meets? But of course if we make a Ryan Gosling comment we’ve crossed a line…okay.

We don’t ask for love notes on the reg, but on holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, yes cards are a thing. Most guys aren’t the wordy type, but it’s normal to want something sweet to open, read and put on our desks once in awhile. A some confirmation that the sweet man we fell for might still be in there somewhere.

Contrary to popular belief, platonic friendships between guys and girls are completely possible. If you have a group of guy friends who are practically brothers, he shouldn’t forbid you from hanging out with them. It’s his insecurities that are out of line, not your closeness with your friends.

Social media isn’t everything, but it’s something. You may never have asked for sappy quotes or pictures on your Facebook wall every day, but hoping for the occasional post doesn’t make you obsessive. It’s not about caring what other people think, it’s about wanting him to let the world know you’re together. He should be proud to be with you, not embarrassed by it.

We all love spending time with other people, but sometimes we need to recharge our batteries alone. You’re not a bitch because you want time to yourself. You’re not a loser because you would rather binge watch your favorite show or read a book than go out on a Friday night.

What we do with our time is our business, and we should be sharing it with someone else because we want to, not because we’re obligated to.

So the next time you’re thinking about how much you sucked as a girlfriend, remember there are two sides to every story. And I can promise you that the problem with this happy ending wasn’t you.

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