11 truths of a TV addict

Following a show or two is totally normal these days. But some of us have DVR schedules so jam packed it seems humanly impossible to get through that week’s episodes before new ones have aired. But trust us, it can be done.

If we skip our shows for you, it means you’re a big deal.

In our perfect world, no one would invite us to do things when we have an episode to catch, but that would make us unavailable 90% of the time. We have no problem pulling the, “sorry I have other plans” card for some people, so if we actually choose to hang out with you, know you’re special.

We know every illegal/bootleg online option that exists.

Missing a live show isn’t the end of the world thanks to DVR and On Demand. But sometimes technology fails (did I set the wrong day?!) or your roommate deletes a show by accident (she will pay) and you need a fall back plan. The websites are sketchy as hell and probably come with 29349 viruses, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Yes, we actually CAN keep them all straight.

It amazes people that we can follow 15 plot lines, character groups and loads of drama, all at the same time, and not get confused. Don’t you worry, we can! In fact it’s probably making us smarter…like expanding our brains or something…

We feel like we actually know the characters.

One time I told a story about a friend and didn’t realize I was talking about TV show until someone pointed it out, #awkward. We know they’re not real but watching them each week does keep us invested in what happens to them. And don’t get us started on crossovers. When characters from our favorite shows turn up in each other plots to team up and kick ass it’s actual heaven.

Only life or death situations call for interruptions.

When we’re deep into a show the slightest distraction can ruin the whole experience. For those of us who don’t have DVR and are actually watching live (GASP) we will never get those precious moments back! If it’s an emergency you get a pass, but otherwise, talk to me when the credits roll.

Fandom brings people together.

Whether we’re gal pals, cousins, or co-workers, discovering someone else watches the same show as you opens up a whole new level of connection. Having friends to text before, freak out with during, and recap with after makes the week-long wait in between episodes bearable. Almost.

We’ve become psychic.

We’re so good at predicting events that at this point we can basically predict whole episodes. Screaming, “I KNEW IT” at least once a show is fun, but this super power just makes it that much more exciting when something shocking happens that we totally didn’t see coming.

Spoilers can cost friendships.

No joke. Accidental slips can be forgiven on a case by case basis, but if you maliciously ruin a big moment before we’ve caught up you can bet we’ll be salty till the end of time. Is it that hard to send a quick, “did you watch” text before you unload your feels?! UGH.

Our twitter feed is 99.9% show-related.

By the time we follow every actor, writer, producer and show account, it’s safe to say most of our scrolling is behind the scenes updates, episode teasers and the lives of the people who make it happen. It’s impossible to keep up with everything, but if you think we’re above trying, think again. And if we get our tweets favorited or retweeted by someone from our show, OMG, it’s better than Christmas.

We’re not antisocial.

You might be picturing some awkward timid chick curled up on the couch because she’s afraid to go outside. We actually have no problem with face to face contact and love being social. We just also love staying in and screaming, laughing or crying at the TV.

Judge away, we don’t care.

Nothing you say or do will keep us from our guilty pleasures. Haters gonna hate but watchers gonna watch.

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