lets be real. you only want me because you can’t have me anymore

The saying you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone describes you perfectly.

You were so good at taking me for granted that you somehow managed to miss what was right in front of you. And by the time you figured it out, I was long gone.

You can claim that you want me until you’re blue in the face, but when we were together, I was never enough. It’s funny how years of being talked down to and criticized can make you feel worthless.

Now I’m stronger than ever. And you’re alone.

I’m not sure where you got the idea that you get to sail through a relationship without effort. We were so volatile and so toxic that the only thing more intense than our highs were our lows. But when it got tough, you never wanted to talk about it.

Maybe you could have kept me if you weren’t afraid to open up, but that doesn’t mean I should give you another chance. You were given plenty.

You acted as though no matter what you did, I would never have the guts to walk away. But the truth is, our future was never a guarantee.

Maybe in another universe you would have been right, and I would have settled. But I finally realized what I was worth, and now the future you thought you were entitled too is out of reach.

When you had me you treated me like garbage. But now that you don’t, you insist you would be the ultimate gentleman. The perfect partner. The best companion.

But past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, and that doesn’t bode well for you. Quit pretending you’re a saint, we both know that’s far from true.

I realize this was so hard because you’re spoiled. That’s why you went off the deep end when I left, because no one has ever told you “no”. I know you’re used to getting what you want, but this time, you can’t have it.

The list of things that tore us apart is a mile long, but your double standards make the top 10. You could brag about your dating history and catcall any girl you wanted, but the idea of me being with someone else killed you.

That’s probably why it’s so hard for you to accept that I left. Because now you get to spend your nights picturing me in someone else’s arms.

I truly believe the only reason you’re desperate to have me back is because you know I’m out of reach. It’s ironic that when you had me by your side couldn’t care less, but all of a sudden you’ve changed course.

Now that I’m gone, you’ve decided you want to be a better guy. You say you’re sure that what we had was enough. But I can promise you our story was never meant for a happy ending.

You can waste your energy blaming everyone and everything, but at the end of the day, we were never going to make each other happy.

I know you’re willing to do anything in your power to get me back, but I mean it when I say that it’s too late.

That ship has sailed, and there’s no room for you on it.

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