you say you miss me, but the girl you knew is long gone

Let’s get something straight – leaving you was the best decision I’ve ever made.

And even though I made clear it was my final goodbye, and kept my word of walking out of your life for good, you remain completely incapable of accepting that reality.

Instead you pop in, every few months, to remind me that you are sorry. To beg for me to give you another chance. To tell me how much you still miss me.

But the girl you think you miss is long gone.

You’re remembering the girl who would cower at your every word. The girl who knew better than to disagree. The girl who did what she thought you wanted.

The girl who would bend over backward just to make you happy.

And what you clearly don’t understand, is that she hasn’t existed for a while now.

In her place, is a woman who knows what she’s worth.

A woman who will never again let someone treat her as anything less than incredible. A woman who feels sorry for you, because you are too stuck in the past to have learned a single thing.

A woman who knows that you were meant to tear her down, so she could build herself back up, stronger.

Every time you say you miss me, you prove that you’re still that boy. Every time you plead with me to reconsider, you remind me that you’ll never be a real man.

And every time you attempt to crawl back into my story, you create more and more distance between me and that chapter.

For all I know, you’ll spend the rest of your life drowning in the past and missing the person you thought you knew.

But the truth is, it won’t matter.

I’m done. I’ve changed for the better. I’m living my life. And while she will always be a part of me, I don’t miss her like you do.

So you’re free to live in the past all you want, but you sure as hell won’t drag me with you.

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