nine things you notice now that you’ve learned to love yourself

For a long time, you put everyone else first.

In your mind, the demands of friendships, relationships, family and responsibilities were always more important than your own needs.

You didn’t hate yourself, but you didn’t love yourself either.

You may not be able to pinpoint the exact moment it changed, but now that you’ve learned to truly love yourself, everything is different.

You don’t need outside validation. It’s always nice to hear someone else comment on your success, give you some extra comfort or tell you you look damn good. But these days, you’re perfectly capable of giving yourself any props you need. Everything else is just an added bonus.

Rainy days aren’t overwhelming. During the days of self-doubt and identity crisis, a day stuck inside with nothing but your thoughts was horrifying. You’d do anything to go out and interact with someone, anyone, rather than sit alone at home. Now, you revel in the time to yourself to unwind, relax, and think.

You can trust your decisions. With confidence in yourself and respect for your experiences and what they’ve taught you, making hard decisions no longer involves second and third guessing. Instead you’re able to feel good about choices and move forward.

Your standards for how you should be treated are higher. Back when you didn’t think very highly of yourself, it set a low threshold of which behaviors you found acceptable. Now that you know how amazing you are, and know what you deserve, you have a much better sense of what you need from others.

Other people are drawn to you. People feed off other positive energy, and this new you is exploding with it. You notice new connections popping up without even trying, and it’s amazing.

Your existing relationships get stronger. It’s incredible how much more you can give and receive from the people in your life now that you’re in touch with your own self-love. Whether personal or professional, being authentic will come naturally.

Disappointments are easier to stomach. Picking yourself off the floor after a wrong step used to feel impossible when you were your own worst critic. Once you’ve learned to accept your mistakes and learn from them, each closed door really does open another.

Love is easier to give. It sounds cliche, but you really do need to put yourself first. And learning to love yourself makes you infinitely better at loving others.

The future isn’t so scary. When you’re content with who are you and where you’re at, nothing can stop you. Even if you’re in a rough patch, you know success is around the corner if you just keep at it.

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